Random AirDrop of $20,000 from Aether games💰

You are currently enrolled in the $20,000 Random Airdrop allocation by Aether games.

During the live draw, 5 winners will receive $200 each, and additional 380 prizes of $50 will be randomly awarded among all Random Airdrop participants 🚀 from the general table. The random number generator will select a random ID entry in this table.

How to get into the table?
Basic actions (subscribing to the channel and Aether games chat) give you 1 entry of your ID in the table or 1 chance in the drawing

Is it possible to win multiple times?
1 entry (chance) = 1 win. You can earn 10 entries in the table and in theory win up to 10 times $50

How to increase your chances?
You can get an extra entry for each a referred friend who will complete the main task: subscribe to the chat and channel Aether games
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